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2012 Power of DC AutoCross

1 Ken Barbour #5 Nissan Leaf 74.837
2 Bryan Murtha #11 Black Chevy Volt 75.163
3 Joe Lado #1 Red Chevy Volt 80.263
4 Ken Clayton #28 E-Rod 82.871
Alan Arrinson Chevy S-10 82.980

AutoCross Photos from Saturday August 19, 2012

pdc banner
Welcome to the Power of DC AutoCross at FedEx Field
  lining up to race
Lining up to race. Yes, we race in the rain at the AutoCross.
  ken's roadster
Ken Clayton's cool E-Rod waiting to run
erod chargingE-Rod in the pits charging
E-Rod on Course
E-Rod out on the course
  Bryan on Course
Bryan Murtha with his Chevy Volt on course
  Joe Lado on Course
Joe Lado with his Chevy Volt on the course
  Ken Barbour on course
Ken Barbour with his Nissan Leaf on course
Mark's Ghia
Mark Hanson's lithium powered Ghia
  charging area
Dave Davidson's Nissan Leaf
  solar array
The huge solar array at FedEx Field
  charging stations
Charging stations at FedEx Field
Leaf charging
Ken Barbour's Leaf charging at FedEx Field
  Think charging
Lanny's ThinK City taking a charge
  Alan's truck
Alan Arrinson's Dolphin Chevy S-10
  kids ghia
The kids and the Ghia
Nissan Leaf
Ken's Nissan Leaf
John and Lanny's ThinKs
  spirit of dc
Jerry Asher's Spirit of DC
See photos from the
2011 Power of DC

See the cool video of the race. We shared the course with the gassers at their SCCA Championship so here are the times we appear in the video.

35 seconds - Power of DC banner
4:21- Ken Clayton's E-Rod
5:41- Joe Lado's Red Chevy Volt
6:50 - Bryan Murtha's Black Chevy Volt
7:55 - E-Rod
8:50 - Joe's Chevy Volt and Alan Arrinson's Chevy S-10
10:00 Ken Barbour's Nissan Leaf

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